MAX BioPharma’s platform technology

Our platform technology consists of the examination of the regulatory effects of proprietary small molecule oxysterols that modulate cellular signaling pathways, including the Hedgehog and the Liver X Receptor pathways, on lineage-specific differentiation of pluripotent mesenchymal cells (i.e. mesenchymal stem cells) into various cell types. Using this platform technology we have already identified novel strategies for stimulating the formation of bone forming osteoblasts and inhibiting the formation of fat cells (i.e. adipocytes) (Figure 1). Additional effects of oxysterols on regulation of differentiation of cells involved in regeneration of other tissues and organs are under investigation.

Figure 1

Furthermore, through investigation of the effects of a different class of proprietary small molecule oxysterols that inhibit Hedgehog signaling and tumorigenic activity of cancer cells, we have identified candidate molecules for therapeutic development into anti-tumor agents. These molecules will in part target the tumor microenvironment to block the growth and dissemination of tumors (Figure 2). The efficacy of these molecules for targeting various human tumors is currently being examined in pre-clinical studies.

Figure 2