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MAX BioPharma Announces Updates on Oxysterol Therapeutics™ Development, IP and Funding

MAX BioPharma Announces Key Updates on its Oxysterol Therapeutics™ Development Program, Intellectual Property Portfolio and Funding Initiatives

MAX BioPharma Receives SBIR Phase 2 Grant from the National Institute of Aging

MAX BioPharma has been fortunate to receive support from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for its research and development activities. MAX BioPharma is pleased to announce that its recent set of Phase 2 SBIR grant applications to the NIH for its Bone Program received favorable and fundable scores in 2015. In March 2016, we

Evidence that Oxysterols Inhibit Hedgehog Signaling, a Tumorigenic Cellular Pathway

MAX BioPharma Announces Key Update on its Oxysterol Therapeutics™ Development Program: Publication of Evidence for Oxysterols that Inhibit Hedgehog Signaling, a Tumorigenic Cellular Pathway MAX BioPharma, Inc. announced it has published the first evidence that specific oxysterols inhibit Hedgehog (Hh) signaling via a mechanism unlike that of Smoothened (Smo) antagonists. The results of multiple pre-clinical

MAX BioPharma Introduction Video

In this new video, we introduce MAX BioPharma and how our use of Oxysterol Therapeutics can manage important diseases like Osteoporosis and Pancreatic Cancer.

Bone Builders: Cutting-Edge Preclinical Research Carried Out by Biotechnology Startup MAX BioPharma

Cutting-edge preclinical research carried out by California-based biotechnology startup MAX BioPharma is driving forward the development of novel therapeutics for orthopaedic procedures, osteoporosis and certain cancers